Raul R. Perez II: Vocals & Guitar

Jose Rojas: Bass

Anthony Martinez: Lead Guitar

Kevin Jordan: Drums

Midnight Motives is a rock band from Los Angeles California. With early beginnings in 2012, the band has been dedicated to crafting it's eclectic sound. Members of Midnight Motives worked with fellow Bipolar Music artist Shneaky to write and record a hip hop/rock/jazz fusion album named "Collaboration". Under the moniker "The Los Guys", the band performed with Shneaky and developed a strong chemistry. As the group continued to write and record new music, the ideas spawned a collection of songs propelling the band towards a new creative outlet.

Visions is the debut album from Midnight Motives. Written and recorded over the span of two years, the group explored and embraced each members diverse musical influences. The collection of songs feature a wide range of classic and modern sounds that span across various genres of Rock n' Roll and has something to offer every listener.

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